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Why online courses are more expensive

Online Courses
Online Courses

Technology is changing the way we do everything, from interacting with our friends to going to college. There was a time when even having a computer was not required for college, but now you may need one just to go to college.

To be sure, traditional college settings are still the norm. But in order to cater to a wider variety of students, many colleges and universities are starting to offer online courses. These online courses can be better for non-traditional students, because they can be worked into your life more easily than traditional classes can.

Many of these online classes cost more than traditional classes, but why? There are startup costs associated with offering online classes, and universities have to make up the cost difference somehow. But as this option becomes more prevalent, cost is certain to decline. Check out this infographic for more. Share it with your friends and start a discussion about the future of college.