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Why Obama will get reelected

Many pundits argue that no President has ever won reelection with Obama's economic record and low approval record. Although its early, I disagree.

1. Obama retains his core base, blacks and muslims, to a degree that no politician has ever held any other group with the exception of Hitler's hold on Nazis. This is a core constituency of about 20 % , many of which would literally commit to Juhad for their dear leader. This is a very strong base number to begin with.

2. Obama has the richest backers in his pocket. Businessmen and doctors have been handed a bonanza from Obama. Warren Buffet made hundreds of millions off of the cancelled oil pipeline deal alone. Doctors received 30 million new patients while keeping their monopoly power and were able to get double the increase of rate increases than they were before. Bankers were bailed out as well as wealthy labor union members. They will constitute another 10 % of the vote and hundreds of millions, possibly a billion dollars, to Obamas reelction plus the physical violence needed to enforce any actions needed.

3. The welfare state has increased. One in five people, 20 %, are on some kind of wlfare and another 15 % are government "employees", another type of welfare. This is 35 % of the population. Add this to the blacks, moslems, unionists, and the exxtremely wealthy and Obama will easily have over 50 % of the vote in his pocket.

4. The mainstream media adores Obama and lies about the state of the economy, When 1 million people drop out of the workforce and 200,000 are added to the payroll, the media reports that 800,000 jobs were created.

5. The Republican nominee, probably Romney with a small possiblity of Santorum or Gingrich is the strongest factor in why Obama will get elected. Obama will mop the floor with Romneys out of touch arrogance, his Romney-care law, and his cruelty to animals. Likewise, he would bury Santorum in his religious smugness or Gingrich's ridiculous behavior. It is almost like Obama picked the Republican nominees himself, no one could be any worse.

Even I would choose Obama over the Republican nominee unless there was a third party; the Libertarian Party. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum are warmongers and chickenhawks. They are dangerous. They actually want war as long as they don't need to serve. They would enjoy seeing New York City destroyed as much as George W. Bush did on 9/11. With a friend in the White House, moslems would never do that. We can survive an Obama depression, we can not survive a nuclear holocaust. What does it say about the state of the Republican Party when even a staunch Libertarian wouldc choose the Democrat over them ?


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