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Why Obama ignores everybody

The deal is done
The deal is done
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The deal is done.

The Hill reports this morning that many Democrats who are running for re-election and election in the midterm cycle can’t figure out why President Obama isn’t helping them. He doesn’t talk to them.

Well, the reason is simple. He turned on the lame duck switch. Crass as it is, Obama has won everything that he ever thought that he would. Audacious as it may seem, he is a politician who is running out of political gas and is close to empty. His legacy has little to do with a Congress that he surmises isn’t going to get any better.

Now, his best aim is to manage the affairs of state as they appear on the radar, and attempt to improve his legacy through smart executive actions. Americans have been waiting for that, maybe. They want him to apply his brute force intelligence.

He isn’t helping Democrat Congressional representatives because, after all, what did they do for him? They didn’t combat Republicans in the trenches. They cowered in their districts.

The rules have changed at Obama’s direction. There is no more pork, plus ups, and ways to bring home the bacon. Congress has lost a significant way to connect the federal government with the people in that regard.

That loss of direct connection undermines a President’s link to all important districts. This president is done. That link is broken. Game over.

Game on

The new game is for elected representatives to connect with their Districts and States. Representatives must get real close with the voters as Senators must align with their states’ constituents. Election 2014 triggers a new wave of bottom up politics.

The top down politics begin in Election 2016. By that time, Obama will either have miraculously accomplished something, or disappeared without drama as he prefers. His presidency will be laid to rest somewhere between fits and starts.

“House Democrats can’t figure out why Obama won’t talk to them

By Mike Lillis - 08/14/14 06:00 AM EDT

House Democrats are frustrated with what they say is a lack of election-year communication from the White House.

The lawmakers say it’s difficult to defend President Obama from GOP attacks when he doesn't confer with his allies about his strategy and intentions.

Some are scratching their heads why, after nearly six years in office and a reshuffling of his legislative affairs team, Obama's working relationship with Congress remains prickly.
“It's hard for us to fathom; I mean, is it just lack of full staffing and resources? [Is it] professional commitment? Is it a disdain for the legislative branch? I mean, what is it?” asked Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). “People like me want to be allies – I mean, I am an ally. So work with us, reach out to us; you know, we're not the enemy.”

Connolly emphasized that he has "no complaints" with the administration's outreach when it comes to logistics and political operations. But as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, he's long-been frustrated by the White House’s approach to "the bread-and-butter of congressional relations and the policy front."
“That’s made our jobs harder,” he said.”

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