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Why NXT should have its own video game

For those who watch NXT every week on the WWE Network, the show is an escape from the wild world of the company's main brand, where young stars go out and compete in the hopes to one day make the WWE. With a roster of over 25 performers, a weekly show and bi-monthly pay per view-type events, it's much more than filler for the WWE Network. It's fair to say it's almost its own brand entirely.

Why NXT should have its own game

Considering that, here are five reasons why NXT should have its own video game.

5: Too Many Performers to Include in a WWE game: With a roster anywhere from 25-40 performers and growing, an NXT game would definitely have enough content to thrive on its own. Giving it a bargain 20 dollar price tag and all the match types of the yearly WWE game, as well as a create-a-wrestler and a story mode and it the market for the game might be a surprising one.

4: Another Way to Market the WWE Network: Why not offer a free week of the service to anyone who buys the game? Or include a compilation DVD of NXT's best matches? If it's a bargain, people will take advantage. Once they get a taste of the product, they may even consider purchasing it on a permanent basis. Rather than slow down episodes of RAW and Smackdown, the WWE can find better was to promote their Network. An NXT game would go a long way in facilitating that process.

3: A Way to Tease the Yearly WWE Game: The annual WWE game comes out in October and with less performers and content and using the same engine, why can't the NXT game come out in July? This would give the game's developer, 2K games, more time to work with the community and address any concerns with the game. In a weird way, producing two games could help make both much better.

2: More Ways to Connect With Gamers: Before the game is released, there could e a cool pre-order character, say an NXT version of a current WWE star- and a closed Beta were a few thousand gamers get in on the ground floor and help polish the game. Again, this would not only help build buzz for the WWE game, but would ensure the NXT game is cool too.

1: Not Enough Wrestling Games: Away from the indie and mobile games currently in development, gone are the days I multiple simultaneous wrestling games on the market. While an NXT game would only be an awesome extension of the WWE franchise, it would give gamers more options.

Do you agree? Would you buy a NXT video game? Sound off in the comment section below.

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