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Why no prohibitions in Christianity?


A sign that reads "In God We Trust" is pictured outside a Church in Meridian, Idaho.
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James Leasure, Richmond Evangelical Examiner, is currently answering questions relating to Christianity. This is the second article in this collaboration:

Amti says:

Every religion has allowances and prohibitions like Jews follow kosher, Sabbath, Hindus follow abstinence from meat and they fast. Muslims follow fasting Halal and masses of people do follow religious restrictions but Christian Masses seem to stray from any such religious prohibitions. Why is that ?

Answer: Judaism can exist without Christianity.  However, Christianity can not exist without Judaism.

The ceremonial laws for what was considered ‘clean and unclean’ are recorded in (Lev. 11:13-19; Deut. 14:11-18) in the Tora.  The Tora is the first five books of the Bible’s Old Testament.

When God called Abraham out of the Caldeans, He did so with the intent of establishing a people who would bring honor to Him as well as establish Him among the people of the nations.  If you are familiar with the bondage of the Hebrew people in Egypt, you will understand, God used this time to incubate the Nation of Israel.  The Hebrew speaking people had grown numerous enough to be a nation, God called for Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. 

In order to have a relationship with God, the Hebrew people were given the Law that is often known as the Law of Moses.  Following the law to the letter was required for God to commune with these people.  God said, ‘Be Holy as I am Holy’.

To be Holy is not a posture.  It is the standard by which God Himself exist.  Just to answer Amti’s question, alone, we will first admit, the Mosaic Law does forbid consumption of all kinds of edible foods.  But, we must remember, The Law was a means to a relationship with God.  When Jesus fulfilled The Law of Moses, Jesus was considered a perfect man.  He was borne without sin, and did not sin against God.

To be a man with no sin in him is to have a perfect relationship with God.  Ironically, only a perfect man could atone for all of mankind by offering Himself as an atonement element.  This is why The Bible refers to Jesus as “The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world”. 

Sin is a lack of communion with God.  If we fail to live according to the Mosaic Law, then we are in sin and have no relationship with God.  However, God allowed for a substitution.  If one man would fulfill the Mosaic law and live His entire life in Perfection of the Law, he was able to be an atonement for the entire human race. 

If we Christians have truly lived by the command to have love for one another and we have accepted Christ as the atoning element that makes the relationship with God available, we do not have to abide by the restrictions regarding food.

Read this passage in Acts 10:9-19.  The law has been fulfilled.  If one has accepted Jesus as the Christ, there is no need to continue living in the Law of Moses.  It has served it’s purpose to unite God with man.

Though man is evil, even the Christian, a person who accepts Jesus as the Messiah and believes in His atoning work and who strives to live conscientiously in tune with the fruits of the Spirit of Christ; love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, kindness and self-control is forgiven of his sin.  There is no need for the law because the fulfillment of the law is imparted by Christ.  Therefore, restrictions on what foods a person eats are voluntary, not mandatory.

Invitation to ask questions: In the comment section, you can ask any questions relating to Christianity or Evangelism. Respect and decorum should be kept in mind at all times. Try to stay concise. Once the questions have been posted, we'll post the answers in due time. 

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  • Pat Atlanta Faith and Family Examiner 5 years ago

    James:Well done my good and faithful servant are the thoughts in the heart of God for the work which you are doing here.And to Qumar,thank you for giving him the opportunity to share his faith through your forum.As Christians,we are set free by the final words of Christ before His death on the cross,It is finished.He paid the sin debt for all who accept him as their sacrifice and when the Son of God has been offered up;what else is there left to give.No amount of praying, working, giving, seeking will change the sinful nature of man.While these things can help to improve the state of the way a man lives, because of the evil nature that was born within him through the fall of man from Grace in the Garden,we are but filthy rags; but before God we are atoned for by Christ.It is the work of Christ on the cross which saves us and not we ourselves. With all that beautiful snow this past week, I was reminded that though our sins are as scarlet, they shall be washed white as snow. That is God.

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