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Why no prohibitions in Christianity?



  • Pat Atlanta Faith and Family Examiner 6 years ago

    James:Well done my good and faithful servant are the thoughts in the heart of God for the work which you are doing here.And to Qumar,thank you for giving him the opportunity to share his faith through your forum.As Christians,we are set free by the final words of Christ before His death on the cross,It is finished.He paid the sin debt for all who accept him as their sacrifice and when the Son of God has been offered up;what else is there left to give.No amount of praying, working, giving, seeking will change the sinful nature of man.While these things can help to improve the state of the way a man lives, because of the evil nature that was born within him through the fall of man from Grace in the Garden,we are but filthy rags; but before God we are atoned for by Christ.It is the work of Christ on the cross which saves us and not we ourselves. With all that beautiful snow this past week, I was reminded that though our sins are as scarlet, they shall be washed white as snow. That is God.

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