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Why no murder charges in the Ayla Reynolds case?

Vanished in December of 2011
Vanished in December of 2011

December 17, 2011 toddler Ayla Reynonds vanishes while in the care of her father Justin DiPietro, and even though Ayla’s body has not been recovered, law enforcement believe Ayla fell victim to homicide.

Now, almost two years after her 1-year-old daughter is reported missing, Ayla’s mother Trista Reynolds is breaking her silence about the case and has revealed gruesome new details about the case.

Trista claims that she was shown pictures by law enforcement of her daughters blood, so much blood that she was unable to look at the photographs. She claims that blood was discovered in multiple locations in the home she was staying at with her father. Additionally, law enforcement claims that saliva was found in some of the blood, which means that Ayla was coughing up blood.

This evidence is so strong that she has given up hope that Ayla is alive. She is pointing fingers at Ayla’s father Justin DiPietro, and she wants prosecutors to charge him with homicide.

Investigators have stated that DiPietro, along with his sister Elisha, and girlfriend Courtney Roberts, who were present in the home the night Ayla vanished, have not been truthful with them.

Trista brings up an excellent point, because according to her, Ayla’s blood was discovered on Justin’s shoes, and in his bedroom. Which would indicate he knows why she was bleeding. It’s also very suspicious that Justin is refusing to clear up and give an explanation for why his 1-year-old was bleeding so much. Is he silent because he cannot give an innocent explanation for why Ayla’s blood is on his shoes?

I understand Trista’s frustration, she wants justice for her child, and I’m glad that she decided to come forward to bring more attention to this case, and put pressure on Justin, his sister, and Courtney Roberts. My prayers go out to Trista, and hopefully now the ball will begin to roll and Ayla’s killer or killers will face consequences for their actions.

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