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Why networking works

Sicilian Night Beverly Hills
Sicilian Night Beverly Hills
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All to often you may hear "I dont like networking groups" or "networking dosent work for me." Dont subscribe to this thought process. More than likely the individual stating this isnt networking properly. They may have went to meeting or a group once or twice, didnt make solid connections and then they quit.

Networking groups or networking events can be your most powerful tool in advertising you and your business. Why? No one will ever promote you the way you can. Yes, many business owners tend to spend lots of money on websites, marketing and advertising. None of these are more effective than face to face networking. We live in a world were technology rules and its the norm to make connections over a screen. No matter how technology advances nothing will ever beat a hand shake, a hug, and the energy you feel when first meeting someone. The connection you make with people is already made within the first ten seconds of meeting.

So, why is it some people feel networking dosent work for them? There could be many answers to this question but the most common answer is they failed to give and just focus on receiving. Its such a common mistake (one that could really hurt your ability to make solid connections.) This mistake is usually found in newer networkers. You've seen them, the super self promoters. They walk right up to you, ask you nothing about you and your business and just go right into them and their sales pitch. This is the worst approach. The problem? They have made it a one way street right off the bat. No flow of connection was made. Initial conversation and a five minute getting to know you is what connecting is all about. Go into the group thinking "How can I help you?" "If I cant help you, who do I know that can?" If you have a room full of "self promoters" people will leave the group feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Visiting a couple networking events like this will feel empty and therefore come to the conclusion networking does not work. The fact is more than half of people network incorrectly. It's your job to make sure you are not one of those people. You can be taught how to network, it is learned skill. A skill you should focus on perfecting right away. The better networker you are the more business you will have, and the more solid connections you will make.