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Why, "My Psycho Ex Wife" blog is not about free speech

How many times can media get the story wrong?

As the founder of, I anticipated a good report regarding NBC's interview concerning Anthony Morelli's blistering campaign of daily hate towards his former wife, Allison, via Morelli's website "My Psycho Ex Wife" (or PEW). Since 2007, Morrelli's been describing his take of Allison's parenting during their seven year custody dispute, and it hasn't been pretty. Charmingly, Morelli's girlfriend made the site for him in 2005.

Who's the psycho?

As mostly happens in cases involving Family Court NBC missed the mark. Especially given the free speech issue is a no-brainer. But NBC missed that Family Court Judge Diane Gibbons whiffed an important ruling in three, separate areas.

  1. First, by ordering Anthony Morelli to take the site down.
  2. Second, by allowing Morelli's shared, joint custody to continue. Matt Lauer touched on that. Clearly a site that spews that much hatred towards Allison Morelli will have a damaging effect on the very children he claims to love, considering the kids realize they share their mother's DNA. But the third, and most damaging
  3. Judge Gibbons ignored the pleas from the children.

The kids have asked Anthony Morelli to stop

Anthony Morelli didn't merely refuse his kids pleas to stop; Morelli had his girlfriend Misty birth a new site, which continues busily trashing his former wife Allison. So we gotta ask - Who seems more psycho? Anthony, who seems unable to let go of Allison, or Allison Morelli, who would like to parent in peace?

Not mentioned was Anthony Morelli continues being a fine example of misogyny. Separate from men who consider women disposable, what's clear is Anthony Morelli is emotionally embroiled in Allison's daily life. Matt Lauer missed that.

Not that media minds misogyny. As Joan Walsh mentioned in her 2007 piece referencing men attacking women on-line. Too bad Joan then went on to hire Kerry Lauerman to run Open Salon whose editorial policy was to encourage misogyny (more clicks for advertising...their stock price is 03 cents.) But in that regard, it's just media hoping the public doesn't notice.

Structured interview

Interestingly, the Today Show interview was set up much like a Family Court hearing. One attorney, one therapist, with Lauer as overseeing judge. Naturally former DA Star Jones suggested Allison Morelli could sue Anthony in civil court. More litigation!

Also, Jones didn't mention litigation privilege which essentially allows anyone to say anything during litigation and get away with it. This is why in family court, he who lies first is usually he who lies Best. Given perjury is never prosecuted - the motivation to tell the truth is, er, limited.

However the therapist was correct when she offered that Morelli's behavior is damaging the very children he claims to love. That would be the same kids who want their father to stop trashing their mother.

But the problem remains Judge Diane Gibbons.

By not changing custody to Allison Morelli, who for the first time since 2007 might breathe in parenting peace, and curbing the time Anthony spends with the kids whose pleas to stop acting so badly towards their mother, Anthony has steadfastly ignored, Judge Gibbons' ruling brought national attention to a case for all the wrong reasons.

Judge Gibbons gets the cruelty.

But Judge Gibbons is fostering continued litigation by not addressing the wholly inappropriate behavior of an individual who could benefit from an spell on the therapist's couch. Just not any couches in these therapist's offices.

NBC for the most part whiffed it. NBC concentrated on free speech, instead of happy children.


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