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Why must my cats sleep 20 hours a day?

I'm so glad you're home
I'm so glad you're home
Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

So, I’m stuck at home for the moment after sustaining a knee injury from too much exercise. Yep, I’m pretending I’m still 25. Oh, how the body reminds you that you’re no longer bionic!

Spending so much time at home allows me to ponder other things, like climate change, the personality of age spots, and why my cats sleep about 20 hours a day.

I wonder what they dream about? A clean catbox? A new brand of kibble? Or perhaps they wonder why a humming bird won’t fly into the condo?

When they’re awake, they do babysit me a bit, but it’s usually related to something that they want. How about a fresh can of tuna? Won’t you pet me some more, and while you’re at it, could you keep my older brother away from me? I’m tired of him pouncing on my neck.

But I’m thankful for furry company. How much time can you actually spend on Facebook? Pets give me some real companionship, and I don’t have to type anything.

I’m not a good patient, as I’m used to being on the go all the time. But sometimes, nature forces you take a back seat, and then you begin to appreciate the simple beauty in being still for a change, especially when you’ve got three cats surrounding you on the bed.

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