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Why most men don't read christian fiction

Hacker (The Outlaw Chronicles) by Ted Dekker
Hacker (The Outlaw Chronicles) by Ted Dekker
Worthy Publishing

It has been said for many years, by experts and book lovers that women read more than men. So there is little wonder why historical romances and bonnet fiction are top sellers with more women reviewing the material than men. However, there are books that cater to both men and women.

Numb by John W. Otte
Image courtesy of Enclave Publishing

On you can find many of these comments and more within the Christian Fiction Devourer Group:

My husband reads mostly sci-fi and alternate history...very little of which is Christian because it's harder to find. But I do think he watches more movies than I do also. I read more. I think sometimes, men get more into movies because they're more visually minded than women.”

We're trying to get the men involved, but beginning to feel the statistics are in fact correct. Most men don't read fiction or don't wish to engage in discussion about it. :( Any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.”

Based on various responses, the reason why most men don’t read fiction is because:

  • Book covers are geared towards women or not interesting.
  • Men are naturally more visual learners, not readers.
  • Many books naturally cater to women.
  • Not enough male protagonists in the story.

Other factors can contribute to why men won’t read fiction. Meanwhile, there are many who enjoy Joyce Meyer’s nonfiction books and plenty read C.S. Lewis.

There is good news.

Here is a list of best selling Christian authors who cater to the male population(or to any readers that loves suspense).

Ted Dekker

Dee Henderson

Irene Hannon

Tosca Lee

Frank Peretti and more!

Many men have not posted their own thoughts about this, so now is the time. Why do you avoid Christian fiction or what would it take to pique your interest? Your thoughts are welcome!

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