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Why most first time authors don't succeed - they don't understand the "real objective"

Meet EJ at the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit on January 16
Meet EJ at the Rocky Mountain Writer's Summit on January 16
Brand by Adam Craig

The guru’s of the human potential movement always say, “Begin with the End in mind.” In other words, know what success looks like and it will be easier to recognize the path that leads you there.

A book has three major milestones in its life. Most authors think that getting published is the biggest one, it is not. Getting published is just a milestone on the journey enabling the true objective.

The first major milestone in a book’s life is the writing. Creating the work is the first major hurdle. You’ve probably already accomplished that phase of your book’s development. You are to be congratulated at that accomplishment! This piece includes the editing and the polishing. The final product of this milestone is a work of literature that can be confidently passed on to a publisher.

The second major milestone is getting the book published. There are many ways to do that, self-publishing, commercial publishing, partner publishing or e-publishing. The publishing process is so much easier than the creation process. There are so many choices. If just getting published was the ultimate objective, then this would be a very short book!

The third and most important objective of a book is getting it read (by someone other than your mother)! This is the final and most important milestone in your book’s life. Imagine what your book looks like in the hands of someone reading it. Hold that picture in your mind and it will help you persevere through this whole process.

If you just wanted to get published to say you got published, then choose a vanity press, throw some money down, print up a dozen books and be done. But merely ‘getting published’ isn’t usually why most authors take the time to pour their souls into a creative piece of literature. Most authors want to share their story - they want to be read!

My charge to you is to remember the ultimate objective and learn how to get published, but don’t stop there. The learning is just beginning and the real journey will take you places you never imagined. You’ll receive attention and respect just for the fact that you took a step only a small portion of the population is brave enough to take. And when you receive that first piece of fan mail, you’ll remember why you put so much time, energy and material resources into this dream of yours called - your book.

Getting published is just a milestone on your journey - never forget - that getting it read is the true goal. Please remember that perspective as you learn the material presented here.



  • Othniel Seiden 5 years ago

    Couldn't agree more. First thing I do when I get a new book idea is product research. I treat it as if it were a new kitchen gadget I've thought of. Then I define who will use it. What's the competition? How will my product be better than the competition? Why will the end user want it? Answer these and more questions before you start writing and the book will write itself with a little help from you and using the same research results you'll find getting published will be easy.

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