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Why more doctors contribute to Democrats

A Politico story today says that more doctors are contributing to Democrats. Why would they do that? Observing conditions in the emergency room and in the doctor’s office, take note that there is more certainty and stability resulting from the Affordable Care Act. There are fewer people in the ER who don’t belong there. Doctors have greater certainty about the boundaries for acceptable treatment and payment schedules. Less risk makes it better for them and for patients.

Even while the ACA can be improved by a smarter Congress the law and associated strategy is working. Benefits exceed the deficiencies, apparently. So, who are still complaining?

  • Republicans who don’t want to fund social responsibility
  • Republicans who failed to produce a better approach
  • Republicans who are not getting those donations

“SURPRISE — MORE DOCS GIVING TO DEMS — Doctors are generally considered Republican supporters, but they’ve actually been shifting their campaign donations toward Democrats over the last two decades, says a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. The change apparently has been driven primarily by the entry of more women into medicine and the diminishing number of solo and small practices. In the 1994 election cycle, 69 percent of physicians’ political donations went to Republicans. By 2010 that share had dropped to 53 percent. The Pro story:”

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