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Why Millennials Have a Better Chance in the Changing Economy

If you read Time magazine, or any other popular news/media outlet, then you’ve probably seen the multiple articles analyzing the current generation of young adults known as Millennials. These are individuals who range from their late teens to around 30 years of age, most of them came of age around the new millenium and Time magazine along with many of it’s competitors have taken a liking to over-analyzing and even sometimes criticizing the Millennial generation. The consensus is that this generation is too self involved, too technologically dependant, and too unrightfully entitled.

The interesting thing, though, is the other side of this. Along with the criticisms Millennials have been getting from publications all over, the majority of these news outlets seem to agree on one thing: Millennials have the right idea when it comes to finances, jobs, and even saving for retirement. Even one of the most popular seemingly “Anti-Millennial” articles, Time Magazine’s The Me Me Me Generation talks about the strengths Millennials possess in areas like these. The idea today is that Millennials, who grew up in a failing economy, have the strengths and intelligence needed to navigate the financial ruin so many of us see around us.

When the previous generation, the Baby Boomers, graduated from High School or College or came back from the military it was common for them to find a job that they would keep for the rest of their lives, or at least for a good portion of them. Their one job would pay for a house, support a wife and children, and eventually allow them to retire. Since then the economy and the country has undergone a lot of changes, many of them have severely affected our finances and the way we view our careers and money. Most Millennials grew up as this was happening, if you ask the ones you know 90% of them will probably tell you they remember the beginning of the economy’s recent crash and the aftermath of that.

So, what is so great about Millennials experience with our still floundering economy? Well, first, they know that what was once called “The American Dream”-something that seemed attainable for nearly anyone isn’t what it used to be. It’s not only uncommon by extremely unlikely that a person will hold one job for the rest of their life. Another thing Millennials are aware of is how saving money and retirement funds have changed over the last decade or two. They don’t expect a job to guarantee a retirement fund or 401(k) and most of their jobs don’t, instead they have started learning ways to save their own money, make extra money, and basically fend for themselves.

The conclusion is this: If you want financial stability to be a part of your life, it may be beneficial to start thinking like a Millennial. But, how? Rich Dad Education, a wealth education company has been trying to teach people just that. They understand the changing times and the increasing need for this type of education. The people at Rich Dad Education want to teach you how to be prepared for economic, financial, and overall life changes.

Rich Dad Education holds seminars all over the country that help teach individuals different ways to make money through knowledge and wise investments. Their ideas center around being educated on how to make wise decisions and understand the options available to you through investments and business. They cover a wide variety of areas including real estate, taxes, and stocks as options for gaining income.

Surviving in the world today can be tough, the economy is ever-changing and you have to learn to change with it. Rich Dad Education can teach you how to do that, through their expertise and smart education options. For more information go to http:www/ or check out one of their YouTube videos here and learn more about what they do.

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