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Why mental toughness and your attitude is important and not just for athletes

Why mental toughness and your attitude is important and not just for athletes
Why mental toughness and your attitude is important and not just for athletes

How do you maximize your life experience and avoid the feeling of just gettting tossled and slammed around out of control? It’s training that should begin in elementary school and if your child plays sports or you practice higher thinking yourself, some mental toughness mind training is instilled.

Those on the path ain’t sissies Focus is everything. If focus is so unimportant in life then why are there so many people wandering aimlessly, or at least in denial about it? As the science of life evolves researchers, spiritual leaders in Buddhism have known all along what we in the West may just be coming to realize, you move toward what you focus on and you become what you think. Your self-talk will determine your future.

What are you doing when you are worrying You are building and storing a file of negative images in your mind and your mind seeks to make it happen. Dwelling on what you don’t want it the opposite of the law of attraction, because all it does is take you where you don’t want to go. It doesn’t change your situation it makes more of it. Athletes and anyone involved in professional sports can tell you, you have to focus on the recovery point. When you were learning to ride your bike if you stayed focused on the cracks in the sidewalk or the road and worried you would fall, you did. You had to focus on where you wanted your bike to go. When you sit and mull over and over about what you don’t want in your life, your self-talk triggers and activates the very pictures and emotions and the same pattern starts all over again. It’s what you get.

If you are thinking about the fun times of your youth, then what do you become dissatisfied with? Your present, and all you want to do is go back to the way it was. You get trapped in history always talking about history, and also by who you hang around. Your life goes backwards but it’s all in your self-talk.

If you keep stirring the pot over your present moment “I don’t have any money.” “I’m a realist.” What will tomorrow look like if you keep dwelling on the present moment, the same as today. To constantly keep affirming your problems is to instill more of the same. It’s like the saying, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

What the professionals in sports and successful people do is to talk about the future as if it is already done. They are working from their magnetic center. “I have what I want. I have a relationship.” The word visualize means to imagine correctly, as though it is already accomplished. So writing your goals out is not enough, you must visualize your future and write out your goals in this manner.

When you unload the excess garbage in your self-talk and focus your intention, you will be surprised how quickly things will start changing for you in your life. It doesn’ take months or years. To put this into practice listen to people around you. If people negatively resign themselves to “no way this is going to happen,” their life isn’t much. You must be willing to open up to change. You must replace the negative pictures with positive ones, you must see the recovery point. You must be willing to monitor and control your self-talk.

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