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Why married couples adopt pets over children

Lala ID #A1004287 at New York Animal Care And Control.
Lala ID #A1004287 at New York Animal Care And Control.
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A recent married couple who visited family in the Sacramento area brought along the new addition to their family. They had just adopted him a few weeks prior, and were excited as if they had just had a new born baby. The little pooch enjoyed the attention, love, and affection this couple showed him. The little bundle of joy changed their lives.

Nowadays the American Dream is more centered on animal children than real children," says Ron Reich, the co-founder of several dog-related websites.

Why the increase of adopting animal children as oppose to birthing children?

According to pet care owner, Paul Mann, CEO of Fetch! Pet Care, It seems more and more couples are adopting pets in response to the economic downturn. To put it plainly, says Paul, it cost more to have a child than a pet. Because most couples have a need to nurture, but often want fewer responsibilities, they are opting for pets who become their surrogate children. And so, they treat their pets as if they were little humans.

With more couples adopting pets, but also single young working professional and baby boomers adopting as well, pet ownership is at an all-time high. By sheer volume, more pets go missing than ever before. And with the bond to pets being so strong, pet owners experience high levels of stress and anxiety when their furry family member goes missing, says Paul.

By taking precautionary steps to ID a pet, making sure the home and surrounding areas are safely secured, and ensuring a pet is properly leashed when on a walk, pet owners can avoid the chances of their pets escaping. If a pet does go missing, Fetch! Pet Care offers 10 proven tips to recover your pet quickly and efficiently.

1. Contact or visit your local shelter and animal control organizations.
2. Get the word out to all veterinarians in the area.
3. Search your neighborhood.
4. Go door to door and speak with your neighbors.
5. Place posters and flyers throughout the neighborhood.
6. Post information about your pet on all pet recovery websites and services.
7. Consider using a lost pet recovery service.
8. Place food and water outside your home.
9. Tell everyone you see about your pet and ask them to keep their eyes open for her.
10. Don’t give up.

Pet owners, be sure to ID your pooch so he or she may not be able to wonder to far from your attention, love, and affection.

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