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Why Manny Pacquiao Should Not Re-Sign With Top Rank

Pacquiao would be pushed to the limit by Danny Garcia in 2015.
Koncrete Jungle


A reader sent a feature today that asked if Manny Pacquiao should re-sign with Top Rank after 2014.

The answer: No.

He should just finish out 2014 and retire. He has nothing left to prove.

I remember back in early 2010, after failed negotiations with Floyd Mayweather and on the heels of beating the hell out of Cotto, Freddie Roach was saying how Manny should fight Floyd, then get Marquez again, and retire.

You do the math.

He's since had a big 147lb fighter in Joshua Clottey, really a super middleweight in Antonio Margarito, the last of Shane Mosley's greatness, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Timothy Bradley.

That's 60 rounds against 5 very different fighters.

Then, he's in a firefight he's winning clearly before being essentially electrocuted in the 6th round. Plus he gets robbed by Bradley sandwiched in between all of that.

Signing with Top Rank beyond 2014 would be a bigger mistake than hiring whoever does his taxes. It doesn't make sense. If he cannot face Floyd Mayweather this year, a man that the world now knows is CLEARLY avoiding him, I would just say to hell with it and let him live in agony over what wasn't.

The onus will not be on him, Bob Arum, Al Haymon, HBO, Showtime, or the weatherman for that matter. It'll be on HIM, and it'll serve as a prison sentence of sorts for the rest of his superficial life if he so chooses.

But Manny, if you're reading this, you will not fair well if you decide to fight beyond 2014. You are built for speed, stealth, constant movement, and continuous firepower. You've given us some of the most breathtaking offensive theatre the world has ever seen.

But your sun is setting- and you should let it. You'll wake up to a world that's brighter if you go out shining.

Don't succomb to darkness. Don't allow yourself to be exploited or some kind of stepping stone.

By the time 2015 arrives, a fighter like say Danny Garcia, will be a year better while you're a year more diminished.

Don't allow defeat or the passage of time, to see if it has a chance to halt your pursuit of victory.

Re-sign a contract with your family.

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