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Why magento has become world’s biggest eCommerce platform

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It is every businessperson’s dream to have a business that requires minimal supervision. To have a business that demands so little but gives back more. Well, e-commerce has made this dream come true–well most of them. There are many trade platforms out there. But there is the king of all the other trade platforms: Magento. It gives you the chance to have that business you have always dreamed of and an opportunity to make it better with every day that comes. As a result of this, Magento is fast becoming popular among business people. Here we will discuss some of the reasons as to why it is becoming the world’s biggest platform.

Open source platform

It is an open source platform. This allows the users to modify the source code, add features and functionality with the help of certified Magento developers. This can be done by installing plug-ins and add-ons that suit your business requirement. This allows your business a unique identity and allows you to operate with ease. What makes this process so easy and cheap is that you can download the software for free and the plug-ins and add-ons are free too. This gives you the chance to start up and maintain your business at a lower cost.


A lot of people in business have more than one business. Magentooffers you a feature that makes management easier. This feature allows you to handle multiple stores with ease. It gives you a chance toinstall stores on multiple websites, manage all of them from one admin panel, and manage all your customers and sales from different stores using one database. This helps you save money and time. You do not have to spend a lot of time going through individual stores separately when you can use a single database. Plus, you do not have to hire store managers to run the store differently, instead, just use one website to manage them all.

User friendly

It is user friendly. No one wants to have a website that is so difficult to use that people shun it. Business owners like making their customers feel like they belong, like they are welcome. In e-commerce nothing does this more than a user friendly website. There is no lady smiling at the reception, no cute furniture, it’s just the customer and the site you have created. Developers have created a system which makes it easy for the seller to display his or her products. It even has a zoom in feature. This allows the buyer to have a better view of the product on sale. Italso allows you to display multiple pictures with different views of the product.


The Magento developers have created a platform which assures security. Implementing the SSL security and dedicated IP is very easy. This will ensure that your customers are safe even as they buy products from your store. It assures them that their details are safe and their transactions are equally as safe. In addition, there are several modes of payment provided. For instance, you can use PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or credit cards, among others. This makes it easy for the customers to pay up and also assures them of safety. This is because the companies that Magento partners with are reliable and secure.

Search engine friendly

The best way to advertise your product is through search engines. When someone types a product related to that which you offer, your website should be among the first to appear. If you do not get enough traffic for your website, then you might not earn a good profit from your business venture. This is where Magento comes in; search engines love Magento. This is because Magento gives clear URLs, tags, descriptions and keywords. This gives its websites first priority when it comes to search results.

Magento is a giant worldwide platform which allows you and your business to stand strong among the intense competition in the online realm. The internet is a huge market to be dominated by one brand or website yet it is a forest that your website can get lost in easily. On Magento’s platform, you will be guided to your niche and to an everlasting market.

Stuart Gonsal is the co-founder and managing director of Lava Digital Agency, a boutique web design, development and digital strategy agency in Melbourne. He believes in collaboration and that people and ideas are at the heart of every successful project. To know more about him, visit at