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Why living in "Sin City" might make it more difficult to make a real love connection.


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Another one of my readers recently asked me this question specifically about internet dating in Las Vegas.  "I like your piece on internet dating! At first glance I wouldn't assume there's a need for internet dating advice in Vegas since Vegas is so fun loving and friendly :-) So give me the 411 Cami. What makes it difficult for people to make love connections in Vegas?"

After much contemplation, here is the "411" about why I think it is definitely different and probably more difficult to find love in Las Vegas.  I think Vegas in particular gets a bad reputation because of that well-known little saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".  Unfortunately, we are the brunt of a lot of jokes and innuendos that come from that saying and the fact that Las Vegas is also known as "Sin City", which doesn't help much either. There are a lot of movies made based on Vegas being just a fun place to go and do whatever you want, getting drunk, bachelor parties, gettied married too quickly, and even songs saying "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas." There are a lot of beautiful, young, scantily clad dancers, waitresses, hostesses who are on display at the clubs, and we certainly have a more than average amount of strip clubs being advertised all over the strip with flyers that are handed out like candy. As a result, Vegas tends to cater to a lot of people from all over the world who are here for just those things, and a lot of them who want to just have a fling or "hook up" with anyone they meet in a club or bar on the strip. There are also a lot of celebrities who like to hang out here which brings on the star-struck people wanting to live that same lifestyle, college kids on spring break, and everything in between.

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I, personally, get a lot of e-mails on myspace or facebook from guys who I have never even talked to or met before asking, "Hey, I'm going to be in town for a few days, want to meet for a drink or maybe we can get together".  You know you'll probably never see them again, so that's not exactly a compliment in my book, and you pretty much know what they are looking for. It also gives the guys and gals who live here the same excuses. There are a lot of people who visit here just to party it up so the people who live here can fall in that same lifestyle if they aren't careful. I have attended some VIP parties at some of the higher end casino clubs and lounges and have witnessed some women and men who go so far as to stripping down to their underwear and partying it up out in the open after a few too many drinks. I see them making out with people who are obviously total strangers, and there are also a lot of people here who are into the "swinger" lifestyle, from what I understand, so that label "sin city" doesn't help us much either. Let's face it, Las Vegas is like Disneyland for adults, so I think those things are just a few reasons why it can be much more difficult to make a real love connection here.

For those people looking for casual flings, there is probably not a need for an on-line site in Las Vegas, but if you want to try one, ones to try might be "Plenty of fish" because its free, or adult friend finder or sites looking for more casual encounters. There are plenty of them out there, and you "get what you pay for" in a way, so the free ones, for the most part, tend to attract the more casual people, in my opinion. 

For those looking for something more serious, a few on-line sites to consider are,, and  There are also sites like or They are more in-depth and even verify their clients so you know these people are really who they say they are and will weed out fake profiles.  They try harder to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  If you do use any of these sites, you still have to really hone in on exactly what you are looking for and put it out there on your profile so the other people know that you are hoping for a serious or long-term relationship, or even marriage if that's the case.  I highly recommend you be very straightforward, honest, and upfront about that and make sure that is what the other person is looking for too.  Otherwise, it can turn out to be a disappointment and a waste of time for both of you.

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If you're really, really serious and don't have time to even look on-line, you might try a local matchmaking service like or where they do the searching for you locally here in Vegas. They will set you up with someone in the area who meets your criteria and help you wade through the muck and the landmines and red flags, so you can meet someone of quality, without the hassles of spending all that time on the internet yourself.

No, its not easy to find love in Las Vegas, but I believe it is still possible if you really want it and are willing to work at it.  Good luck out there, fellow Las Vegans, and again, please feel free to write to me for any other questions or advice on this subject or anything related at and if you want to read more upcoming articles written by me, click above on the subscribe button. 


  • cisrael 5 years ago

    Good article - not many people think of the downside to Vegas. You make a great point about the way the city is marketed and "love" or a "normal relationship" is probably very challenging to come by when so many people are just looking for something physical, quick, as well as temporary.

  • Ed 5 years ago

    >They will set you up with someone in the area who meets your >criteria and help you wade through the muck and the landmines and >red flags, so you can meet someone of quality, without the >hassles of spending all that time on the internet yourself.
    Most of these matchmaking services are ALL WRONG. They say they will help you meet someone of quality but they NEVER get your criteria right EVER.

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