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Why Las Vegas is No Place for a Kid

I love the ambiance of Las Vegas entertainment. Each time I visit, I head straight to my hotel room, drop off my suitcase and find the nearest bar to wrap my hand around a cold beverage.

Once the coolness of a beverage fills my stomach, I begin my search on the casino floor for a slot machine that calls my name.

Even though I know the odds of walking away from a slot machine are next to nothing, the flickering lights and simulated sounds of dropping coins reel me in.

It's been some time since I've stepped into a Las Vegas casino, so I'm relegated to online gaming sites where I hardly worry about winning or losing.

It kind of takes away from the whole feel of Vegas, but it's what we poor people have to do.

Since having kids several years ago, I've wanted to visit to Las Vegas with them - to show them the sights and sounds. But if memory serves me correct, Vegas is no place for a kid.

Adult advertisement litters the Vegas strip

The last time I was in Las Vegas was for my dad's wedding at the MGM Grand. After decades of courtship, he tied the knot with his long time girlfriend in the chapel near restaurant row. It was my first time attending a wedding in Las Vegas.

Following the 25-minute ceremony, we walked down restaurant row to a nice Italian restaurant, where the food and drinks flowed like snow melting on a hot day.

Once finished, we made our way to where the action was on the Vegas strip.

Las Vegas Boulevard was littered with hordes of people, as we weaved in and out traffic only, to find ourselves confronted by little old ladies passing out cards to a nearby strip club.

Despite all our efforts to walk past the ladies, who happened to be positioned on each corner, cards and other advertisement adorned with naked women littered the pavement floor.

Prostitutes visible on the casino floor

If walking over cards with naked women with my dad, stepmother and wife in toe wasn't awkward, seeing beautiful women line the casino floor in next to nothing, required every bit of restraint.

I've never seen an assembly of attractive women so willing to talk to anyone who looked every bit the part of a "high roller."

If they caught my eye, I'm sure they caught the eye of most men in the room. To keep myself from getting in trouble, I pointed the women out to my wife, in which she responded, "You know those are prostitutes, right?"

"Sure didn't," I replied.

Las Vegas is truly an adult playground, where the nightlife brings out interesting adult themed activities. It's those reasons why I won't be visiting Las Vegas any time soon with my kids.


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