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Why Joomla is the perfect choice for building E-Learning sites?

Today, e-learning has become the most convenient means of honing the knowledge base. It’s not uncommon to find people registering themselves on different e-learning portals to gather information on a variety of subjects/topics. Whether it’s about attending an online management training course or a corporate training session, an e-learning website allows you to do all this and much more. With internet becoming the greatest hub of information resources, e-learning platforms have been successful in creating their own unique niche. Joomla has been successfully utilized for building user-friendly yet dynamic e-learning web portals. In this article, I’ll be highlighting the importance of using Joomla for developing e-learning websites.

What’s the complexity involved in developing E-Learning sites?
E-learning models have overpowered the traditional educational institutions and the trend is expected to continue in the coming years as well. Unlike the brick and mortar learning system, e-learning has been chosen by students and teachers residing in different corners of the world. Features and flexibility that needs to go into an e-learning portal is what makes developing it difficult and decisive. You cannot compromise on the quality of your e-learning site because it’ll be accessed by millions and millions of learners from all over the world.
Now, why Joomla is the most suited choice for developing E-Learning websites?
Well, there’re a number of reasons supporting the scenario of using Joomla for building accurate and feature-rich E-learning websites. Listed below are few of the major reasons that’ve impressed me the most:

Reason#1-Flexibility of creating e-learning modules as per the requirements
With Joomla, it becomes quite convenient for you to build e-learning modules that suite your varied requirements. Whether you want to conduct an online training program or simply want to share tutorials on different subjects, Joomla CMS enables you to meet your purpose in a convenient manner.

Reason#2-In-built e-learning software
Joomla has an in-built e-learning software named as the Joomla Learning Management System. This software comprises of all the useful e-learning tools that can be utilized for adding and extending functionalities within an e-learning portal.

Reason#3- Multi-lingual user interface
Joomla’s multi-lingual user interface makes it convenient for the e-learning website owner to publish content in a variety of languages spoken in different countries of the world. In other words, an e-learning site developed using Joomla can be accessed and used by people hailing from different countries.

Reason#4- Flexibility of integrating documents in any format
Joomla offers you the flexibility of uploading documents in almost every format ranging from PSD files, MS Word files to .jpeg, and other zipped files. This allows you to divide the entire portal into smaller modules for an enhanced user experience.

Reason#5- Involves a lower costing
Choosing Joomla for creating your e-learning modules expects you to pay only for hiring the Joomla developers, saving you from the additional cost involved in purchasing the Joomla web development software. You can choose custom Joomla development companies that can develop an e-learning site that’s worth your hard-earned money.

To sum it up, using Joomla for building your e-learning portal is what will help you establish a unique reputation in the world of e-learning. By offering a custom access to each of the modules available on your portal, you can play your important role in increasing the popularity of e-learning concept.

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