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Why Jews and Christians are in the crosshairs of atheist-secularists

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Beginning with the people of the (Hebrew) Old Testament, the atheist-secularist, or hard-left progressive, views the nation of Israel as a bugaboo to the kumbaya condition they seek in the 21st century utopian world of tree hugging, baby killing, and reinvented sexuality. The nation of Israel, not to mention faithful Judaism, represents the foundation, and roots of Judeo-Christianity in America. It also represents an ally with Judeo-Christian, and political, conservatism.

That is why the atheist-secularist-progressive distorts the facts about the Palestine/Israeli conflict. The mainstream media, the tool of these sorts, shows heart-wrenching pictures of innocent women and children, portraying them as helpless victims of the evil state of Israel. They fail to mention, however, that Hamas uses hospitals, and U.N. schools, as centers for sniper attacks on Israeli's, and centers to launch missile attacks on Israeli civilians.

Why tell the truth when ideology is served through fabricated sentimentality.

Likewise, Christianity is under a new IRS attack because atheist groups do not believe that Church's should have tax-exempt status. Atheists fail to realize, or fake to fail to realize, that Church's are not against abortion and gay 'marriage' because of political reasons, but for faith/theological reasons. For Christians, abortion is wrong because God, Who is Love, teaches us that human life is dignified, unrepeatable, and precious, from conception to natural death. Marriage, moreover, through faith, by way of Divine Revelation, not to mention natural law and common sense, is not about political persecution of gay people, but about God's design for humanity, guided, not by emotion and lust, but by self-sacrificial Love open to Life.

But atheist-secularist-progressives just don't get it--or, better yet, they get it (they can reason with our beliefs), but they just don't want to offer the respect they expect of us concerning theirs.