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Why Jesus is not a socialist

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Politics has its rightful and necessary place in a Just and Peaceful society. The Lord God Almighty graces men and women to lead nations to find their own form of governance which promotes the common good while protecting the life of every citizen, from conception to natural death. When governance, however, seeks to control people in manipulative and tyrannical ways, to include exterminating certain vulnerable groups in society--the unborn, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled--this governmental form finds its greatest obstacle in the Love of God.

Socialism is such a form of government. Jesus Christ, however, is its insurmountable obstacle in Love.

"Do not judge from his appearance or from his lofty stature,
because I have rejected him.
Not as man sees does God see,
because he sees the appearance
but the LORD looks into the heart
.” 1 Samuel 16:1-13

God alone is Holy. This means that not only is God Almighty in power, but God is perfect in a lack of prejudices and proclivities for certain things. Men, and women, are prejudice--yes, everyone is prejudice of something--since to prejudge is a natural survival instinct overcome solely in human intelligence inspired by compassion, a sense of solidarity in one's awareness of shared human imperfection, and the will to accept all people as equal in the eyes of God. Men, and women, moreover, have a natural proclivity to lust--theologically it is called concupiscence. We desire even those things which we know hurt us.

That is why 'God is Love'…and that is why we vote for governments which we know are evil, but promise us certain creature comforts.

"I have found David, my servant;
with my holy oil I have anointed him,
That my hand may be always with him,
and that my arm may make him strong
.” Psalm 89:20-22, 27-28

Socialism can give you immediate gratification in unearned income and a part of the harvest taken from another's work worn hands. What it cannot bring you is God's grace. God's grace, particularly the grace of God's Life within us--sanctifying grace--protects us from every evil through total adherence to the virtues of Jesus Christ found in His Gospel. As God anointed David, and Jesus was the Messiah, we too are anointed in baptism, and confirmation, to become the Body of the Christ (Messiah), spreading Truth, Mercy, and faith, in the Source of all that is good in God the Father Almighty.

Yet, sharing the gospel necessitates freedom. Governments, moreover, which hinder this freedom (i.e., the Socialism currently running America) run afoul of the grace of God.

"The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.
That is why the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath
.” Mark 2:23-28

Jesus is Lord of Life, Justice, Mercy, and Peace. The Sabbath is the Sacrifice of Jesus on His Cross, perpetuated in the Eucharist, for our salvation, and as God's expression of His Love for us, par excellence. Jesus is our Lord--but He is not the Lord who lords over us. Jesus died for us…and offers us His Life in grace, never by force, but, only, continually offered to us in Love. For we are called to Life, Justice, Mercy, and Peace. Therefore, any government which forces death on a segment of the population, perpetrates economic injustice on certain citizens in the name of 'Justice,' lacks Mercy in legislative overkill, and is the antithesis of peace in class warfare, is anti-Christ to both Jesus and His Sabbath.

All good things serve men and women for eternal peace and joy. Anything which hinders this is evil (lacking).

That is why Jesus is not a socialist.