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Why it's time to baptize your shotgun

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It's time we realize that we don't live in Disneyland.

With the anniversary of 9/11 a week away, and the terrorist nation Isis coming to a town near you--coupled with the fact that our President fears offending pacifists, tree huggers, and anti-American sentimentalists--it is time to baptize your shotgun; that is, if you haven't purchased one already.

Don't get me wrong. First, we must pray to the Almighty God of the Universe. That is, the Father of Jesus, the God of Mercy, not the God of heavenly virgins as reward for killing innocent people. Prayer must come first. From prayer we will be able to distinguish the moderate, truly religious, Moslem, from the psychotic, animalistic, demonic, Islamic fundamentalist, hell bent on killing all Christians and Jews, not to mention gays, liberals, and people of all sorts of odd lifestyles. While differentiating people with a common proclivity toward sin--and offering the good news of Jesus Christ, and the Divine Mercy of God--from the devils minions in terrorists and politicians who try and appease them--for reasons only God can know--we will serve the Lord by living charitably with all people of good will.

So, here's where I might be branded a heretic. Here's where I may upset the sensibilities of a progressive. Here's where I may be at odds with the St. Francis' of the world. At all costs, I believe, we should try to evangelize the demon horde. After all, Saul killed Christians before becoming the great St. Paul. After all, the thief on the Cross stole heaven with a last minute, genuine, repentant conversion.

It's never too late to turn to the Mercy of God.

That is, until you come knock down my door in the name of Allah.

Truth be told, I will do the most charitable thing I can think of. I will send you to your heavenly virgins. One shot at a time.