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Why it really is your sibling's fault and birth order to blame

Are you a careful, responsible planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants? What about your child? Is one child persistently more reliable than the others? Does one mope around and never seem to fit in? Whatever the case, blame it on your birth order.

Turns out that it really is your sibling's fault free license agreement

Does birth order matter in developing a particular attitude towards life events and relationships? According to a Huffington Post article, there are three main personality traits that develop based on birth order: Achiever, firstborns; Peacemaker, middle children; and Life-of-the Party, youngest. The Huffington Post article reveals what birth order some famous and successful people, like Bill Gates, Winston Churchill, and other popular icons fit into.

Of course, not everyone has the benefits or obstacles that come with having a sibling. The article goes on to also describe an only child as a “Lone Wolf”. In addition, aside from being the oldest or only child, not every family has an even number of children to fall into specific categories of who qualifies as the middle child. Others have a nice orderly set up only to knock the youngest or middle child into a new category with the addition of another baby.

Obviously, no family is going to find themselves neatly fitting into a rigid outline of how each member’s personality should or shouldn’t develop. However, there just might be something to this birth order synopsis. After all, talk to any parent of more than one child and most will probably admit that each offspring has a distinct personality of his or her own. Was each child born with a personality intact, or was it a result of birth order?

Birth order is really more of a way of describing how parents are most likely to parent as well as how the child views their placement in the family among siblings. For instance, parents may be nervous with the first child and more relaxed with the second, third, or additional children to follow. Also, a firstborn will have a much better chance of getting his or her parents’ undivided attention. Though, a child born later will have a built-in entertaining playmate. Whereas, the youngest child may constantly be the center of everyone’s attention to coddle, protect, or be amused at his or her cuteness.

It all goes back to the question of nurture verses nature and how much each plays in the personality development of children. Regardless, there must be at least a bit of an influence from where the child is placed in the birthing order of the family that has some influence on how he or she approaches life.

What do you think? Where do you fall in the birth order of your family, and how did it influence you in your life’s decisions?

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