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Why It Pays To Date The Nice Guy

Woman Talking to a Nice Guy

Some girls feel that the nice guy is boring. They go for the bad boy and then often wonder why they get hurt and can't find love. The nice guy is actually worth dating.

There are many other reasons why it pays to date the nice guy. One is they have that cute shy look. Some nice guys are really good looking.

They will show you how you deserve to be treated. They will give you compliments and focus on you and only you. They will be respectful and make you feel as if you are number one. They will make you see that you wasted your time on the bad boy.

All your friends and family love him. They think that he is perfect for you and by the way he treats you deep down you know he is perfect for you.

They are relationship material. They make the perfect boyfriends. They will protect you and be romantic. They will be sweet, romantic and make you feel loved.

If there is a nice guy in your life give him a chance. Nice guys could be a lot of fun. You could laugh with them and they will give you support when you need it. It's not fun being treated poorly. Don't settle for less than you deserve.

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