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Why it is important for you to be in the Damn Fine Words writing course

The Damn Fine Words writing course starts September 8, 2014. Enter the contest to win a full scholarship. You need to write at least a 450-word blog post. Then leave a comment on Men With Pens (HERE) with a link to your article. The contest ends August 31, 2014.

Enter contest to win scholarship to Damn Fine Words
Gerardine Baugh & the logo from Damn Fine Words.

“One person will win a full scholarship to the September 2014 session of Damn Fine Words (retail value $1,399). The runner-up will win a 50% ($699.50) scholarship applicable to their registration for the September session.” ~Men with Pens

A sampling of the Damn Fine Words Course syllabus:

1. How to find your writing zone

2. How to discover your ideal reader

3. How to write headlines that hook readers in

4. How to write with benefits

That main question, and title to this article, the one question needed to enter the contest, will have you digging into your own psyche to find out, “Why it’s important for you to be in the Damn Fine Words writing course?”

The one word that stands out is- important'- according to ‘ "of much or great significance or consequence"

‘Damn Fine Words’ course may have answers to my top internet searches.

Perfecting a writer’s site, or writing articles, short stories, blog posts, a novel. Doing so with an intent and putting great significance on the importance of the writing life. How to make pulled pork in a crock pot using rootbeer. (Writers get hungry) I wonder about plotting software? Hmmm! Men with Pens may not have the answers to all my questions.

The course is opening up again, so clean off your magic fingers and get creative.

Here’s hoping the Damn Fine Wordscourse may just get me out of this blue funk and get me writing.

Well, that’s the plan.

Gotta win first!

Hi, ‘Men With Pens!’ How am I doing? # 7 definition is a fun way to describe the word, ‘important’ by using equally flamboyant words like these, pompous; pretentious

Number one rule in writing, ignore the negative people in your life.

My mother believed that you work until you die. You do so without pompous and pretentious thoughts or actions, and all the while, and most importantly, you don’t write about it.

Sit straight and don’t stand out! Don’t get noticed!

Really! Where’s the fun in that!

Instead, take a class and learn how to stand out!

· Find your voice!

· Stand up!

· Put on your most flamboyant, feathered boa!

· Grab your pens, paper and computer!

· Do a little dance and learn something!

· Create your life anew!

Step out of the same-old-same-old.

Reach out and write! Aim at that full scholarship for the Damn Fine Words course or… the- umm- half-priced one.

Slip on those red shoes, click the heels (sorry, no red shirts allowed here) write, dream and live with pompous, pretentious enthusiasm, with the hope that significance and major consequences will enhance your life.

Remember in order to get on the winning list, you need to write, write, backspace, delete and write!

Here are the rules. Men With Pens

Syllabus Damn Fine Words course.

Check out the magic video by Calen Morelli- Make your writing 'magic' happen! Enter the Damn Fine Words contest..

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