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Why isn’t the universe supporting you

So many people may find themselves suffering through long dark nights, hot and black as ink, of the soul. You may find you have lost your job, relationships and things you thought defined who you were or even are. You may be living with someone, not living in your own space, and what’s worse you are an adult. People may even say to you, you are at an age where you should have more than you do and stable in your life.

Why isn’t the universe supporting you

What’s a soul to do

You do the work that you are meant to do while you are in this space. It is probably not the answer you are looking for because you want the pain and misery to be over now. You want to take a magic pill and close your eyes only to wake up with the sun shining and everything on your side again.

You asked for the change at some point in your life and that time is now

Denial, we all live in it to some extent, some more than others. But when life gets to a boiling point where you are no longer able to live the life you were once living, change happens. Abruptly into your life the rain falls that washes away the old and starts the seeds of new to grow.

Only love can make it rain

You have to change or the suffering will continue. I know it seems impossible and it seems like others need to change and how in the world could we possible be talking about you. Instead of internalizing your emotions, when you become sick of the suffering and wonder when it will change, move on and get over with, is exactly when you need to start taking action on your behalf.

Swimming, treading water, getting up to the surface just for a gulp of air

Happiness floats. Happiness is something you must strive for. You have to ”relentlessly participate in manifestations of your own blessings.” You must learn your way around those things and experiences. Make a map and stay on top of it.

You will learn to trust the universe again

Should I say you must learn to have patience and responsibility over yourself to stop filling up every unlimited and infinite space you find in your life with stuff, and simply wait on the universe and you to fill it with something which fulfills you. It brings meaning to your life.

The power you have over your own mind is incredulous

When I was having anxiety attacks. The doctor told me I had to heal myself, and that he would teach me how. I thought, “You are crazy, I can’t breathe right now. I don’t have time to learn anything. I’m going to die or end up in the emergency room if you don’t give me something now.” The truth is you can talk yourself into anything. You can also deny yourself the truth thoroughly. No matter how painful it is, you just keep shoving it down, burying it with a shovel, and then burying the shovel on top of it. You brush your hands off, and now you tell yourself you aren’t hiding anything at all anymore and life is a bowl full of peaches.

Migraines, anxiety. Hell hath no fury like issues you don’t want to face

It’s the issues you tell yourself they don’t exist but the body says enough already I can’t take this squashing stuff down or hiding it anymore. You have to do something about it, yesterday. You may find yourself in the perpetual hole. You may be in perpetual denial as to how you got there. Who’s to blame is not the issue.

What is the issue

You are going to need help. You are going to have to learn how to swim. Guess what? While you are learning how to swim and when to take those all-important breadths, things, people, and the stuff you thought was so important to you, will fall away from you.

Why? Because you can’t swim, keeping your head above the water and hold everything else up above the water too. Something and most of the time it is many things that have to go. So that you can breathe, so that you can keep your chin up above the water. So that you can find fulfilling love and happiness, you are forced to surrender it all.

You have been waving the white flag for some time now, if not years in your life

And yet you are even in denial about giving up. About not wanting to or being able to live in your unbearable circumstance anymore.

“Hold tight something’s happing. Hold tight. You might feel lightening

Was it really the universe that wasn’t supporting you? No, it was you who wasn’t supporting you. You were too busy being who everyone around you demanded you be for them. Instead of letting their world crumble, yours did. The addictive person you hold the household up for and keep their secrets and lie to the relatives for. The manic psychotic mother who causes nothing but trouble and gossips and blames you. The cheating boss who leaves early for the secret affair and demands you make up the extra work blames you. The stepchild who blames you for… the list goes on.

It matters not that you may have loved these people dearly. What matters is that they did not love you.

You can only deny your soul and its existence, happiness and purpose for so long

Did you hear what I just said? You can only keep taking down huge gulps, then whole entire waves of water over your head for so long before the tsunami hits, you drown or you pull yourself up and out of the water by your hair. More than likely it’s your entire life that needs leaving or rearranging. The more thorough the cleaning job that needs to be done, the more thorough your full blown life whack hack job will be. Maybe you lost your job, lover, kids, the way you dress, and home.

What’s so hard about all of this is

These are things and people you thought you had to have in your life or you would die, or people wouldn’t like you, you couldn’t live without, or you would rock the boat etcetera, and on infinitum. The real problem was they already hated you, used you, and on. You feel disconnected, but you were already disconnected, but in terrific denial about the fact that your life resulted in zero love, zero fulfillment.

You learn as your learn each new breast stroke and kick

There are loads of people in the world who exude love. You, at the time were not surrounded by them. You wouldn’t make the move out of them, so it was done by your soul (and the universe) for you. Caput! Hock-tooey!

Now let the baby steps and baby new breadths begin

How long does it take? That depends on you. Will you go right back into those same situations with those same people, and be even more miserable than you ever thought humanly possible? Or, will you demand respect, love yourself, and keep your distance and/or draw the line?

You don’t need to go and chase these folks down to get them back in your life again. They will come back to you. Why? Because they will want you to do their bidding again. Because that is what users do. Because you are being tested over and over again to see if you can and will hold your own. The vampires don’t care they just know you once did, and they need you to drain and to take the blame, again.

If these people did love you, they will love you and accept you on your grounds and boundaries now, if they want to be in your life on some level. If not then it’s toodles to them. You will be on a new life path, job, hobby, relationships, and life that is enveloped completely in love and happiness.

Can these life whack hacks happen more than once in your life, yes. You are forever transformed. Your soul was lost, but now it’s found. “Ain’t it Fun, living in the real world.”

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