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Why isn't Frank Lama starring in a network sitcom?

From writers Sharif Salama and Manuel Poblete and director Jared Noe comes the new short film "Nostalgia" --- a comedic character study set in a busy and dysfunctional photography studio. Noe's sure direction keeps the pace brisk and the film is jam-packed with wonderful character moments. DP Joe Davidson's slick camerawork never gets in the way of the ample humor and often affecting performances -- notably Frank Lama as "Carroll," a photographer whose slick persona begins to crack after one too many fetish shoots. Lama inhabits the role of a man who suddenly realizes he's sold his soul while selling his clients on the life-changing wonders of a sexy photo session -- and still can't help himself when a new sucker walks in the door. It's both hilarious and heart-breaking as he pitches the nervous young woman (Julie Broder) on a sexy photo shoot that will save her marriage as his own life spins out of control. Ronetta Renay as the woman's fast-talking friend and Carl Stevens as the blind photographer also make an impression, but in his brief time on screen Lama creates a subtle, layered comedic character that breathes a soul into this enjoyable short.

Carroll (Frank Lama) begins to crack.
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