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Why is this school different from all other schools in LAUSD?

The inequities of public education.

Right now, parents of LAUSD fifth graders are busy exploring options for their child’s middle school, while parents of eight graders in LAUSD are doing the same in looking for a high school.

They explore schools the way parents and their twelfth graders looked at colleges a generation ago.

A generation or two ago, it was a given, we went from our neighborhood elementary school to the closest junior high school, then to the nearby high school.

Not anymore.

It is not just about tests scores or community or location or the experience of the staff or cooperative administration or upkeep of the school or supportive parents or fundraising.

It’s the feel and what will benefit their children the most.

In order to enroll in the school they have chosen, parents will go to extremes: using an address, paying someone’s utility bills, sending one child there to test the waters, moving or better yet, moving to an school district with a better reputation.

Socio-economics aside—education should be free, equal, nonsegregated and equal opportunity for all.

Unfortunately, in LAUSD it is just the opposite.

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