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Why is the Main Stream Media Silent?

The Quran
The Quran
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I've spent the last few days being harangued by Christians who took exception to what I wrote. Today I'll address an issue that should do the almost impossible: unite Christians.

The Bible talks quite a bit about the antichrist. People have conjectured for years who the anti-Christ will be and where he will come from. Scripture really isn't clear and actually says there will be many antichrists and some have already come. It seems that only in the epistles of John do we see that word. A matter of such vital importance should have been addressed by some of the other writers of the Bible. Or is it that important?

We see the spirit of antichrist around the world. The totalitarian mindset has typically tried to ban Christ from competing with the all powerful governments. The stories that came out of the Soviet Union were very sobering and enraging. China is still providing plenty of fodder for sorrow in that regard. That has been going on for years. However, it seems another source of Christian persecution has been around a lot longer than Communism or Fascism. It goes back before the time of the Crusades.

Check out this disturbing article on that source:

One of the most horrifying stories just broke recently. The story of a pregnant woman sentenced to be hanged for refusing to deny Jesus Christ shocked many. Now the authorities are demonstrating their compassion by allowing her to give birth before they put the noose around her neck for leaving Islam.

Speaking of the crusades: Todd Frial from Wretched spoke on how history is being modified to make the crusaders appear to the bad guys. They did participate in some acts of cruelty that made their savior sad, but their purpose for traveling to the middle east in a time when travel was not very

Here's another one by Todd on the current myths of the Crusades:

But that was many centuries ago. Want to read some current day stories that will shock you and put a damper on your day?

I've been grappling to understand how mainstream media manages to ignore these stories. Why are Christians reported as bigots and haters etc. because they speak out against homosexuality or abortion but Muslims are allow to murder people without a whisper of it in the lame stream media. It's inconceivable to me.

One liberal who has not been silent on the brutality being carried out in the name of Allah is Bill Maher. Liberal media has jumped on his back for his Islamaphobia. Watch one video where he explains why the press is silent: .

Maher has several videos on the topic on YouTube, so search if you want more of his acerbic wit on this topic.

Bill Cosby spoke out that we should be more like the Muslims. Allen West took exception. See the video here:

I realize that not all Muslims are perpetrating or supporting these heinous acts. The big question is: are those people just not following their religion the way they are supposed to? Are they lukewarm in their faith? Or is Islam really a religion of peace and the people committing the acts of atrocity are misconstruing the words of the Quran (Koran) and constitute only a small minority. I have not personally read the Koran. I guess I should do that in order to make a decision that is first hand and not relying on the bias of other voices.

Here's a link to several passages from the Quran which are evidence against a peaceful religion theory:

In the meantime however, why isn't the world, especially the press, which is supposed to be the watchdogs of society, stepping up to condemn the violence against helpless and innocents? And conversely why are they so outspoken against Israel and the Jews? Is it possible that this involves a major subplot of the story of planet Earth? Is this possibly the rivalry of Ishmael and Isaac still being acted out after thousands of years?

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