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Why is Soros targeting Texas nationalism?


  • Ben from Texas 5 years ago

    George Soros is responsible for putting the USURP Obama in power..Soros from his own words thinks he's a god..His money has him drunk with power..Lets show him Texas independence cannot and will not be stopped no matter how much money he throws against us or his minions threats against us..United we stand ,divided we fall...Remember the Alamo.

  • Ivan Kovac 5 years ago

    Well, you can see in my country first hand what happens when George Soros and his mercenaries are set loose. From a strong nation we have become a colony, with EU and USA exploiting our natural resources and disbanding our military in the name of ''liberal reforms'', while they allow Muslims from the Albania to destroy our churches on our christian holy land of Kosovo, and let them claim our lands as their own. We couldn't fight back because majority of my people where seduced with promise of better tomorrow if we bring down nationalist politicians which Soros and Co. couldn't bribe, and which they labeled as war criminals. Don't make the same mistake! Fight those who try to take your freedom. Be an inspiration for others. If you achive your just independence and freedom, then maybe the opressed people around the world will follow your example.

    May the Lone Star flag forever flies!

    Best whishes from Serbia!

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