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Why is photography so expensive?

Kristen Brown at the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida
Kristen Brown at the Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida
Hilary LiDestri/ Visual Image Photography

Just because they make cameras in cardboard boxes, does not mean photography is inexpensive. While your fiancé might think it’s a great idea to put box cameras on the tables and let the guests snap their own pictures- you will be shocked how expensive it is to get film processed and proofed and equally shocked how many pictures you have of unmentionables. Just add alcohol.

Professional camera equipment is extremely expensive and ever evolving with technology. While the market is over run by amateurs with prosumer (expensive consumer level) cameras- it is still an art, a craft, a science and requires education and experience. Just because you can see the photo you have taken on the back of the camera, does not mean you are a photographer.

A professional photographer has invested time and money into learning the art and science of photography. Imagine needing an attorney- would you hire someone who took pre-law classes and watches court TV? No. On the most important day of your life, be prepared to spend about ten percent of your overall budget on photographer and videography so you get what you pay for.
Professionals will have professional grade equipment in triplicate to insure against equipment failure or damage during the event. At no time should a photographer be limited by battery power, equipment failure or insufficient image storage (digital images are stored on cards).

Carmine LiDestri of Visual Image Photography offered the following information to newly engaged couples. “Photographer pricing is generally based on two things- time and product. The more time you book, the more photos taken, the more labor required after the wedding to color correct and manage the images. The product includes but is not limited to sitting fees, ownership of the engagement and or bridal images taken, portraits (enlargements), framing and albums. The more product included in your package- the higher amount you will pay.”

If your package includes albums- make sure the quality of the albums are consistent with the prices you are paying. There are a number of companies on the internet doing simple drag and drop photo albums on paper inexpensively (Costco, apple to name a couple). As the quality (Artleather, Leather Craftsman and Graphi) and number of albums increase- expect the price of the package to go up.

You can control the price you pay easily. If you are getting married on a Friday, a Saturday afternoon (to be completed by four pm) or Sunday- you can expect a discount of some type. If acquiring a professional with an excellent reputation and superior artistry is most critical- ask about labor only packages, these generally involve an hourly fee and all the images taken on discs for your ownership. Do not expect any product to come with a labor package, but most photographers will offer you albums down the road if you determine you want or need one. Packages are the best way to get the most for your money- ala carte pricing can get expensive, but most professionals are open to offering discounts as the package gets larger.
No matter what- hire a professional. For more articles on wedding planning visit



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  • Michael D. 5 years ago

    Further, hire a professional who does weddings. Just because you hire a professional photographer who happens to create amazing architectural portfolios, doesn't mean they will have the manpower or technique to do your wedding justice.

    I'm just saying. Voice of experience, and all.

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