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Why is Missouri cutting out 'Parents as Teachers' program?

Preventing dyslexia and speech problems with phonics
Preventing dyslexia and speech problems with phonics

Two more weeks. That's all that Governor Nixon of Missouri is giving the progressive 'Parents as Teachers' program. In two weeks, all the PAT teachers will be laid off, some having worked loyally for 20+ years in this innovative program that was Missouri's brain-child in the 1980s. Since that time, every state in the USA has copied MO's lead, and PAT is also now found in at least 17 countries including the UK.

Two year old know her phonics sounds!
Shannah B Godfrey

Knowing that the years from ages 2 to 5 are critical to a child's learning capacity, imagination, and IQ, why is PAT's founding state bailing out on one of the most important educational programs for children? Money. All of education is being hit hard by the recession/depression going on now. In fact, over 700 teachers may be laid off in the Kansas City area. And they don't get unemployment, either.

Now more than ever, parents need to find ways to teach their children to read at home before kindergarten. They need to give their children the best foundation possible without relying on public education. Projections for education are that the financial situation is going to worsen and by year 2012, public education will be in a quandry.

Check out for ideas.