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Why is making Mom friends so hard?!

Is there a secret formula to making Mommy friends?
Is there a secret formula to making Mommy friends?
Nikki Morrell

It was inevitable. We moved. As a military family, this is no miracle. In fact, the miracle is that we escaped this fate for so long and managed to be a long-standing citizen of the Fort Hood community for the five years that we spent there. So here I am in the middle of a new town wondering “how the heck do I make Mom friends?!”

Making friends has never been a challenge for me. If you would ask my college classmates how I spent my college days, I doubt they would say “studying.” I have always been a social butterfly and frequently get Facebook friend requests from college acquaintances whom I barely remember but remember me and usually recount stories of something-or-other that I apparently did that I don’t remember that I’d usually prefer my Mom not ever hear about. (Having a child is quite the maturing process, isn’t it?)

But here I am, in the middle of nowhere, wondering where on earth the friendly Moms are?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve met Moms. I’ve met lots of Moms. I went to a playgroup on base. I went to a Moms group. I went to church. I joined two different online communities. People are perfectly friendly. I’ve met plenty of new Moms and even spent hours chatting with them. But typically the conversations, despite my desperate hinting to “please hang out with me! I’m lonely!” go something like this:

Me: It’s really hard to make friends here. I wish there was a way to meet people.
Them: Yeah, I had that problem too. I belong to blah blah blah playgroup and blah blah blah Moms group. It was hard to find but worth it. Sorry to hear it’s hard for you.
Me: Wow. Wish I could find something like that.
Them: Yep, they are hard to find but something like that would help. Good luck to you!

Am I not hinting hard enough?! All I can think is that there must be something wrong with me. YES! I just said that. I have never been so insecure… well, ever. I'm pretty sure that dating was easier.

Guys were so much easier than Moms. My longest standing college relationship started by me saying “you’re cute. We should hang out sometime.” (He was, and we did.) With men it’s so straightforward and simple. Moms are this confounding and complex being beyond my understanding, which is even more amazing because I am one.

Maybe it’s this: maybe they can smell my desperation. Which admittedly, I am.

Therefore, I’ve come up with the following desperate new plans to meet Moms in my new town:

  1. Personal Ad. “Desperate and bored Mother of 2 ½ year old seeks like minded (or not like-minded! I don’t care at this point!) Moms with whom to complain about toddler issues, trade playdates once I’ve determined that you aren’t a lunatic, and go shoe shopping when we can pawn children off on our significant others.”
  2. Randomly “friend” local Moms on Facebook. Pretend like I know them.
  3. Bribery. Bake cookies and offer to all new Moms I meet. If I can’t win them over with my sparkling personality, maybe my white chocolate macadamia nut cookies will do the job?

In conclusion, there has to be a better way!

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