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Why is Lady Gaga's new single 'Guy' flopping?

Lady Gaga is being cursed lately, it seems. Many people loved ARTPOP, but it has failed to sell, even when discounted for the price of $3.99. On Thursday, everybody expected her new single "G.U.Y." to at least hit the top 20 when Billboard's new charts were released. Unfortunately, the song comes in at an ultra-embarrassing number 76. Even worse, the only reason the song even charted that high was because of streaming video views. The song has bombed at radio and iTunes.

Gaga is having a hard time coming up with a hit
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

This is disappointing, because Mother Monster has been doing everything she can to push the single. She has appeared on Letterman, ABC, CBS, MTV, Fuse, LOGO, etc. The video has received excellent reviews by fans, but could the video be the Achilles' heal of a song that should have been a hit?

The problem with Lady Gaga these days is that everything she does comes across as pretentious. "G.U.Y." is an excellent dance track that is easy to swallow. The video, however, is not. It's obvious Gaga spent a lot of money on the video, but it is really disjointed. It is a "kitchen sink" video that she threw everything at, hoping it sticks. It hasn't, at least according to the general public.

All hope is not lost on Mother Monster. Her next single "Gypsy" is said to be her best single yet. Let's hope Mother Monster can rebound!

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