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Why is it such a struggle to locate quality skilled trades people

Why is it such a struggle to locate quality skilled trades people?
Why is it such a struggle to locate quality skilled trades people?
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Construction companies, manufacturing plants and many service organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to locate good tradespeople. In the United States the reason is very simple - there been almost four decades where the K-12 education system is almost wholly focused on college preparation.

Beginning in the early 1970s public school systems began promoting college prep classes very strongly. School counselors put heavy pressure on students to attend college and it became so great it was almost shameful to go to a trade school in the eyes of your classmates. This resulted in a lack of students for trade schools.

Although some trade schools still exist the most prominent is truck driving. This makes it even more difficult for those who want to go into plumbing, carpentry, electrical or other skilled trades to get the training that they need.

Fortunately many community colleges have identified the need among employers for skilled trades. Macomb Community College in Clinton Township, Mich., has developed excellent programs in conjunction with the big three automakers to once again turn out quality skilled tradespeople. They use actual manufacturing equipment to provide hands-on training for students. Consequently they are turning out quality individuals ready to fill this void.

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