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Why is GOP, corporate media in uproar over ACA, but insurance companies not?

The ACA/Obamacare enrolled 8.03 million American citizens as of April 15, 2014. Yet, if one listens to GOP, its supporters and pundits, the healthcare law is a train wreck.

It appears everyone associated with GOP has a negative opinion about ACA/Obamacare. Apparently the insurance companies do not, as scores of additional companies have initiated participation.

Many Americans fail to realize Obamacare is not a healthcare insurance company, but a healthcare insurance law, a regulator. The same insurance companies that have sold coverage over the years, continue to sell insurance coverage. Only now there is more accountability, no more pre-existing clauses, 26 year old and younger dependents can remain on parents/guardians plans, and lower rate plans of quality coverage with no lifetime caps are currently available through the new law.

One interesting policy of the law is, if a worker should lose his/her employment, they have the ability to stay covered under their ACA plan. Their healthcare coverage is no longer contingent to remaining with one company or another.

Administration costs are no longer mysteries for patients to discover upon receiving their medical bill. The astronomical cost served a purpose for investors only, profit on healthcare is very lucrative.

As of 2012, Medicaid serves 47 million Americans, while Welfare (TANF) stands at 4.3 million. Medicaid, until the ACA enact, was only a health service for poor or low-income Americans. Medicaid had many health care coverage limitations or no coverage at all in a large number of cases.

In 2012, according to the CDC, there were 129.8 million emergency room visits. These emergency room visits, accumulated an unpaid medical bill of $176 billion that year. Incidently, that amount is the average cost per year due to uninsured patients. Had President Obama and responsible government officials not addressed the issue, the unpaid bill would continue to increase annually.

The Affordable Healthcare Act was designed to address that ever-increasing unpaid bill.

With 8 million enrolled on the national healthcare exchange, 3 million 26 yr old and under enrolled on parental plans and 5 million enrolled off-line with insurance carriers, ACA/Obamacare has had an impact of over 16 million American citizens with new healthcare coverage. That, just maybe the reason there has been no cry of foul from insurance companies, but plenty of rhetorical trash from GOP and company.

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