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Why is finding a loyal buyer's agent so important to house hunting?

In the market for a new home?
In the market for a new home?
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If you want to save money buying a new home, invest some time to find the right realtor. When you have a hard working buyer’s agent helping you search for a good home, you know you are in good hands. Look for a loyal, trustworthy and hardworking realtor to save you money.

* A buyer’s agent won’t typically cost a penny. For most sale transactions, it is the seller who will pay the commission for your realtor. Your agent is working for you for free. Who wouldn’t want to pay nothing to get expert help when purchasing a new home?

* Want to buy a home on your own? You will spend numerous hours searching home listings, filling out paperwork and trying to understand laws and regulations for the targeted area. Mistakes could delay the purchase or potentially end any agreement. You have to keep up with the competition of experts so you don’t lose out in the process.

*A professional buyer’s agent will make sure you will not pay more than you have to for the new home. Their expert negotiation skills can and will save you thousands. The seller will most often have a realtor themselves working to receive the best price for their home. It is important to have the knowledge behind the market to get the best deal.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references while you search for a realtor. You want to find one who will work exclusively for you, the buyer. A good realtor would never rush you into a decision. Someone loyal to you would keep searching until you find the perfect home for your family. An agent that has no loyalties would try to rush you into purchasing a home quickly. Remember, they don’t get paid until a house is sold. It is good to talk to past clients and find out how the agent represented them during the buying process. A referral is the best way to find a realtor.

If you are moving to a new area, use the Internet to find listings in your target area. You will find that some sellers will have many listings in a specific neighborhood. These agents will more likely be loyal to the sellers. You should contact a local realtor and ask for recommendations or use the keyword ‘buyer’s agent” with the target city's name in the search. You will receive a more comprehensive list of buyer representatives to choose from.

Take advantage of a free professional service when you are in the market for a new home. A buyer’s agent will help you find a home that meets all your criteria and negotiate for the best price. What more do you want for free?

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