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Why is fibre so important? Community diabetes information session

Why is fibre so important?
Why is fibre so important?
L. Harkin-Chiasson

Fibre. We are constantly bombarded with the message that “fibre is important in our daily diet”. Diabetics are particularly encouraged to increase their fibre intake. Ever wonder exactly why this is? Do you have questions on fibre and how it can improve your life? Here is an opportunity to find out more about fibre, and why we should pay attention to those messages after all.

Note: A fierce snow storm earlier this month, caused this meeting to be cancelled. Thankfully, it has been rescheduled to Wed. April 30, 2014, so don’t miss it this time.

The Diabetic educators, from the local Winchester area, present monthly lectures, on various topics, of interest to the public and local diabetics. The lecture series runs from September to April. Free. Open to the public. All are welcome.

This lecture series is always informative. You don't have to be diabetic to attend. A healthy lifestyle begins with being informed, in order to make better choices. The Winchester Diabetic educators are top-notch, when it comes to helping others make sense of all the information, that is thrown at us these days. They are definitely, user-friendly.

April topic: 'Why is fiber so important' with Deirdre Cooke, RD, CDE

Wed. April 30, 2014 - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm , Winchester, ON

  • Winchester District Memorial Hospital, 566 Louise St.,
  • Meeting held in the Dillabough Board room, which is located in the small clinic building, on Clarence St., Winchester, ON (across from/north, of the emergency parking lot, of Winchester District Memorial Hospital). This building also houses the Dynacare Laboratory. Use the east door, which faces the public school.

For more information: 613 774-2420 Ext. 6765

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