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Why is Des Moines the city of choice for the homeless? (Part I)

Snow today; snow tomorrow
Snow today; snow tomorrow
Shenica Graham

Des Moines is vast becoming the city of choice for homeless persons. With winters as chilling as the forecast this week, why are more homeless migrating to this metro? It has come to light that some cities across America are decreasing services to our nation's most in need populations.

Examiner will research the following questions:

  • Do some cities/states reduce welfare benefits as a form of population control? Does this or the reverse happen in Des Moines?
  • Is there a homeless grapevine, or other network? How do homeless persons in other states know to come to Des Moines?
  • Is there a precedence for homeless persons in Des Moines to regain entry into the working class?
  • Does Des Moines offer better self-employment opportunities than other US cities?
  • Where do the majority of homeless persons go when they arrive in Des Moines?

With so much need across the country, our focus should not be how to get people to leave Des Moines. If people are flocking here, the dialogue should be, what is Des Moines doing right and how can this be duplicated across America?


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