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Why is Custom PHP Web Development So Popular

PHP Web Services
PHP Web Services
PHP Web Services

This article describes the reasons for the popularity of PHP web development amongst website builders and programmers. The software offers a number of features that add to its reliability further strengthening the patronage.

Short for Pre Hypertext Processor, PHP is one of the fast web developing technologies in the web world. In layman’s language, it is the server side language for scripting and creation of static and dynamic websites. Following are the reasons for its popularity amongst website builders and programmers:

1. It’s Free!

PHP is an Open Source Software, which means one does not need to buy any copy or license to install PHP on their computers. This is probably the best reasons why PHP is so popular. As they say, that the best things in life are for free. Some of the most popular softwares like Red hat, GNU, Linux, UNIX are either Open Sourced or Freeware. This not only provides the product for free, but also instills trust in its users. Moreover, one can modify the code as needed to enhance its features, which is not possible in other licensed softwares. Just imagine how much money a company would save by not spending a fortune on softwares like these.

2. Development Made Easy

One of the main reasons for the prevalent use of PHP for web development is because of how easy it is to learn and use. The learning curve is relatively short, and developers find it incredibly easy to complete their projects in a quick and effective manner. That said, it performs well for all requirements – from a simple website to big, complex management systems for large companies.

3. Free Assistance & Large User Base

Due to its popularity as a choice for web development, there are numerous up-to-date Web Forums, troubleshooting and support groups available for online assistance to anyone who is struggling or confused regarding certain aspects of PHP web development, which are free too. Any doubts regarding PHP, no matter how trivial, whether it is being asked by a developer’s perspective or the user’s, there is always some help available at all times.
In addition, due to the large user base, there are a vast number of ready-to-use plugins and tools available that can be re-used for various functions like Geo-location, payment processing, etc. These plugins can easily be integrated as per the web development requirements and helps save on valuable time and effort.

4. Flexibility

There are practically no limitations in terms of usage scenarios and as mentioned earlier one is free to modify and re-distribute the source code. It can be refurbished and modified again and again to be used with different platforms or for different web development requirements. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. PHP is very safe to use with regular updates constantly available.

It is compatible with any modern DBMS, but is most compatible with MySql, in addition, most of the updates are done keeping the compatibility with MySql in mind.


The reason PHP is so popular is because of the fact that it is free of the shackles of licensing and money and is very easy to learn and use. The developers have the ownership and love the liberty to tinker about with it. The versatility and the compatibility of the different platforms acts as a cherry to the cake. In a nutshell, one has an independent development language that can be used by everyone, for any web development purpose.

What are your thoughts about PHP web services and know how PHP works? Please share your Feedback with us.

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