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Why is cop who committed civil rights/ criminal violations still on NYPD?

If you aren't aware, there is a war on our First Amendment rights by the police. Especially, but not only, New York City cops. Shawn Randall Thomas videotaped an officer interaction with someone on a subway station during this past February. Mr. Thomas was at least 30 feet away, and did not interfere in anyway.

Another officer, Efrain Rojas preceded to block the view of Mr. Thomas, and his ability to record. After violating Mr. Thomas's First Amendment free speech and press rights for a number of minutes, he threw Mr. Thomas to the ground, took Mr. Thomas outside and slammed Mr. Thomas's face to the pavement.

He tried to cover up his crimes by erasing the video of Mr. Thomas, in which luckily, Thomas recovered. Wow. You would think the prosecutor would have charged Officer Rojas with a number of criminal and civil rights violations and the NYPD would have fired Rojas in the meantime.

Of course not. Mr. Thomas, even with the recovered video on his side, had to make multiple court appearances before the charges were dismissed. Not only is Rojas still a cop, but he was only given a slap on the wrist for being "discourteous"even with the assault and numerous other violations.

Even though the unjustified prosecution of Mr. Thomas is closed, the Kings County District Attorney's Office, because this attack happened in Brooklyn, is refusing to take his complaint. This is though they were all too happy to prosecute Mr. Thomas, in the beginning.

Officer Rojas should be fired and prosecuted. The prosecutors who for 5 months insisted on prosecuting Mr. Thomas should be fired, and if D.A Kenneth P. Thompson. is the person responsible for this prosecution and refusal to prosecute Rojas, he should be fired by the voters of New York.

It is intolerable that the NYPD are allowed to violate the rights of citizens as they do. It is intolerable that the taxpayers of New York City have to pay for these violations. This must end, now.

Please contact Kings County District Attorney Kenneth Thompson and politely state there should be immediate criminal charges against Officer Efrain Rojas. The D.A.'s phone number is 718-250-2000

Also contact Mayor de Blasio of your concerns along with the NYPD police switchboard at 1 646-610-5000. Finally, the N.Y.C. city council and your member. Remember, be firm but polite, it is much more effective.

Lastly, if you want to support civil rights in New York City or wherever you happen to reside, think about joining groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union. Thanks.