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Why is biology relevant to anyone's life?

Teaching Biology
Teaching Biology
Evelyn Milian-Professor of Biology

Sometimes college students in areas of study not related to science question the need for biology courses. Nonetheless, with much recent advancement in medicine, biotechnology, and environmental science, it is becoming more and more evident every day that biology plays a critical role in improving the quality of life for all. As Enger and collaborators stated in Concepts in Biology (twelfth edition), “it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to be able to recognize the power and limitations of science.” It is essential for all the members of a society to understand the influence of science in our lives as well as the influence that human activity has upon the planet.

Enger tell us about many issues or questions which involve biology that could influence the life or future of any person, for example:

• Is DNA testing reliable enough to serve as evidence in court cases?

• Can we control a person’s weight with a pill?

• Are human activities causing the world to get warmer?

Biology influences all aspects of human life and helps us understand our world. It allows us to:

  • Study and understand the structure and function of the human body.

  • Study and understand other organisms, with which we interact, which influence our lives.

  • Obtain important information to make decisions about diverse aspects of human life, for example:

  1. Effects of natural processes in human life.

  2. Effects of chemical substances and other physical factors.

  3. Study and understand our genetics, how we inherit characteristics.

  4. Development and inheritance of illnesses.

  5. Development of a great variety of products, medicines, and treatments.

  6. Effect of human activities in our planet and life in general.

An understanding of the nature of science and fundamental biological concepts is important for all members of a society, regardless of their occupation, in order to be able to make conscious, intelligent decisions that will affect their lives as well as the lives of others.


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