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Why is a horse at a Metra train station?

At Chicago’s LaSalle Street Metra train station (This horse is on the east side of Financial Place between Congress Parkway and Van Buren Street.) there is a horse. No one has ridden this equine. Could it be because Metra trains provide better transportation than this horse?

Green is a fantastic color for a horse.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Metra’s Rock Island District/Heritage Corridor goes to/from Joliet, Ill. Every weekday, this route transports thousands of commuters to and from Chicago. This route has eight zones: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. The quickest time from Chicago to Joliet is one hour and three minutes.

Normally, any horse can only transport one person. A sturdy horse in great health may be able to transport two persons (each weighing no more than 160 pounds) 20 miles. It will certainly take this horse more than an hour to go from Chicago to Joliet. Even Pegasus the Flying Horse cannot transport thousands of persons from Chicago to Joliet in one hour.

The LaSalle Street Station horse is a statue art exhibit, and of course, it has not carried anyone, nor can it carry anyone. (It is difficult to determine the architect.) Its construction material is probably bronze. It stands with its left, front leg raised, and armor appears to be over most of its body. (It is not wearing a saddle.) On a pedestal, I estimate its hooves (the ones that are down) to begin 15 feet above ground level. From erect ears to the bottom of its right, front hoof, I estimate it to be 5.5 inches high. I estimate the distance from its jutting knee to its tail end to be 6 inches long.

At night, lights which are under it give this equine a red, green, blue or yellow appearance. (You will never see such colors on actual horses.) Indeed, most humans have never seen actual horses in horsey settings whether the environs are ranches, in the wild or at racetracks. (Are horses common in China? Are these equines common in India?) Horses are common on television in western series like Gunsmoke and Rawhide.

Horse statues are scattered throughout Chicago’s, many parks. Ulysses S. Grant is riding one. Two Amerindians are riding some. There may be horse statues at Arlington Park, Hawthorne Race Course and Maywood Park.

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