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Why I won't write much about BP

Oil is still leaking, and washing up on shore.

This is supposed to be news?  When the well-capping procedure on Deepwater Horizon blew, we could look back at big blowouts in the past, and tell it would take a year to fix, make a big mess, and be almost forgotten a decade later.

Oh, yeah, and oil companies execs make a lot of money.  So do Katie Couric, LeBron James, and Lady Gaga, so what's your point?  Oil companies sell billions of gallons of gasoline and diesel, make a few percent profit on each gallon.  Couric gets $15 mil a year to spin news we could read for ourselves, James and Gaga are entertainers.  You could go all year without talking network heads, or watching overpriced playground games, or singers or players of make-believe [actors]. 

How long can you live without the diesel truck bringing food to the groceries and McD's?  Can you get to work by bicycle?  Are you close enough to the hospital that they could push you there on the gurney?

That said, I admit I don't like petroleum, or the hold that it has on American politics.  Before most of us were born, it was known that if the US continued to rely on petroleum, we would outstrip our own supplies, and become dependent on foreign sources.  Global peak oil is a concept that is at least 50 years old.

The conservatives cling to oil, even though the oil companies are in bed with enemy governments, love government pork and are no friend of the free market or small business.  The liberals cry about vague concepts like 'fairness' [translation: "Gimme"].  So much for talk and politics. 

Those who produce tangible things in the world know how to make our world work without reliance on petroleum.  The BP fuss at least gives us a chance to focus on the other ways, other producers.  We could talk about 'change' or we can look at ways to really change. 


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