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Why I won't usually publish articles of animal cruety

I won’t be publishing articles that focus on pet abuse or pet neglect. There are so many others who will cover those stories and I need to concentrate on the more positive aspects of the challenge of relieving the overpopulation of pets and that is to try to help with finding them forever homes.

Meiko is a very handsome 5-year- old- neutered black longhair. He is the perfect mix of independent and affectionate. Available at the Humane Society Pikes Peak Region.
Gretchen Pressley

I will write about ideas to help your rescue pets fit into a home and be part of a real family. As stated above, my goals include finding pets in need of homes and finding people in need of pets and trying to match them so they can share their love. Most articles will feature photos of a pet or many pets in hopes of their catching someone’s eye who may wish to adopt them.

Many people express their heartbreak at reading the more gruesome details of the harm that humans have perpetrated on pets. There are articles that are horror filled accounts of the cruelty of man. We should not ever be surprised when women throw their newborns in the trash or put them on railroad tracks. Fathers have shaken their offspring till brain damage occurs. There are numerous reports every week of parents killing their own flesh and blood .People constantly commit crimes of such a gruesome nature it is too much even to read.

Though I believe those stories have their place, I will not report them normally as part of my topic. There are so many stores of such horrible acts and unlimited animals that have suffered. Other stories would never see the light of day if I added these to the mix. Instead I want to say I share your outrage and am appalled by these cases of cruelty. Sweet animals that never harmed a soul should not be mistreated and those that hurt them should be punished. They need to strengthen the laws that apply to these acts of violence on innocent animals. They need to prosecute those individuals and throw them in jail. They should not escape paying for their deeds.

If you have a rescue animal or pet topic you would like to see explored and investigated, I would be glad to write that topic for me this is of more value than the other types of accounts as it focuses on the positive things we as pet caretakers can do. Those articles explore how to care for them and love them as they who are rescued have additional, particular needs not all pets reveal.

Articles that help people and pets and honor those places working for all of these rescue animals are much better subjects for this writer. There are many individuals and organizations that provide care, shelter, training, and love to these displaced animals. There are more that provide services including fostering, adopting, rehoming and preparing a pet to go to its forever home.

These need to be congratulated and noted as they provide an important answer to homeless pets. These places have a mission and feel so strongly about helping these animals and that is their one focus.

Yes, while we know that evil can overtake people and make them cruel and unfeeling, they do not deserve our notice. So I will not be spreading their story, just the pets.

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