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Why I'm Defending the 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge
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There's a big problem with the Ice Bucket Challenge, and it has nothing to do with Pamela Anderson or animal testing - it's people who are slamming individuals who take part in this awareness activity.

Some people are upset that the ALS Foundation funds animal experimentation, while others are upset that water is "wasted". And some just think it's "dumb". The truth is, the Internet runs on all kinds of dumb videos, not to mention harmful and disturbing ones. Plus, the Challenge has proved the naysayers wrong with its incredible success. Just because someone partakes in the challenge in no way means they support or fund the ALS Foundation's animal testing.

Like most people, I took part in this challenge simply to raise awareness about this horrifying and fatal disease. It has nothing to do with the ALS Foundation itself.

As the President of the Global Conservation Group, our organization and I have been inundated with hateful messages after I accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge (Video Here).

I'm here defending something that has raised an incredible amount of awareness about an uncommon and fatal disease and that's something that I'm proud of. Believe it or not, animal activists can also support human causes and that's exactly what the Global Conservation Group and I do.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to participate in this challenge and send your video or pictures to the ALS Foundation with a message saying you do NOT support cruelty to animals. Join us in encouraging the foundation to use cruelty-free, more effective testing procedures that are already readily available. According to the Food and Drug Administration, upward of 90 percent of medications successfully tested on animals prove to be dangerous or ineffective in humans. Animal testing simply doesn't work.

Politely contact the ALS Foundation Below:

Address: 1275 K Street NW, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20005
Phone Number: 202-407-8580
Email Address:

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