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Why I Choose To Work Out At Home

It has been nearly a year since I decided to cancel my gym membership. While there are some days that I do miss working out at the gym, I actually prefer to work out at home. I have discovered that there are several advantages that come along with working out at a gym. Below are some of the ways that I have benefited from working out at home:

Save Money

Like most people, I am living on a tight budget. Last year, I reviewed my budget, and I decided to eliminate some of the things that I can live without. My gym membership was one of them. I was paying $20 per month. I will be able to save $240 this year just by eliminating my gym membership. Furthermore, the $20 was automatically debited from my account, regardless of whether I was using my membership or not. I was wasting money because I was not going to the gym consistently.

I am now working out at my home for free. I have purchased workout DVDs, and I also take advantage of the free workouts on YouTube. Staying healthy and saving money are two of my biggest priorities. I am able to achieve both of those goals by working out at home.

Work Out On My Own Time

I have a lot of goals that I am trying to accomplish, so I am very busy. One of the reasons I love working out at home is because I can work out whenever I feel like it. I can work out early in the morning, on my lunch break, late in the evening or at night. I work from home also, so I can take a break from my work, exercise, and then return to my work.

No Waiting

When the gym is crowded, you have to wait to use the machines. This was one of the things that I disliked about going to the gym. I do not have to worry about waiting to use the machines when I work out at home. Furthermore, I like working out at home because there is no one around to bother me. When I worked out at the gym, my workouts were constantly interrupted. People always seemed to want to start a conversation with me or ask me questions. I was quite annoying at times.

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