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Why hook ups never work - One night stands never amount to real relationships

One night stands don't turn into real relationships. Think before you jump into bed!
One night stands don't turn into real relationships. Think before you jump into bed!
Glenn Harper

Tony, an Albuquerque native, met a leggy brunette at a bar one Friday night.
He thought he hit it lucky, as she was flirty and eager to get to know him better. He chatted about his work in real estate, and they spent the night together.

There is nothing new in Tony’s story, it happens all the time. But, when his virtually anonymous hook up called him and wanted to do more than jump into bed, things went sour. The problem lies in expectations. Often times people that get involved in quick hook ups have a different idea about what their experiences mean.

Tony might not have wanted anything more from the brunette, but it turns out she had just been dumped and was looking for a rebound relationship. Their hook up seemed like the beginning of something for her, and it was pretty meaningless to him.

If you are reeling from a failed relationship, don’t use a hook up to rebound, instead pamper yourself by going for a massage or getting treated at a day spa. Try or to feel better without any day after regrets.

But, if you’re hell bent on hitting the town after a break up, know that a quickie won’t really solve your problems. Tony’s situation is typical and shows why hook ups never work out into real, lasting relationships.

Tony explained that he didn’t really want to talk with his one-night stand again. “ She might be nice, but I don’t love her or anything, I don’t want to know her, I just wanna keep that night like it was, simple fun.”

So, when you jump into a one night fling with that gal or guy you just met, keep in mind that beer and loneliness likely play a larger role than love. Ask yourself, “Is this worth it? Will I feel regret tomorrow?”

Another reason hook ups never work is because you can’t respect somebody that doesn’t make you work for them. Think about it like this; If somebody gave you a nice watch, you’d be happy about it. But, if you had to work some extra hours, save up and bought it yourself, wouldn’t you be just a bit more proud?

Like it or not, men that have to work for your affection will appreciate you more. A true player won’t take the time, which will weed out guys that aren’t worth your time. And men, as much as you like sex, you know deep down that you don’t respect a woman that jumps from introductions to orgasms in record time.

So, the next time you’re contemplating a hook-up, go into it with your eyes open. Hook-ups never amount to love, so keep that in mind and ask yourself if it is really worth it.


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