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Why Homeopathy works


Homeopathic preparations are easy to take in purified water
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It is extremely intriguing to research the roots of homeopathy and its possible course of action as a powerful medicine. Homeopathy is one alternative field of medicine that challenges the most the traditional beliefs and approach of modern traditional allopathic medicine (cause-effect, evidence-based medical therapies).

In an homeopathic preparation usually there is almost nothing left of the original molecule via the well known multiple dilution steps. What is believed that can have an effect on the remission of symptoms/illness is the "energy field" that has been extracted from the original coupound (that is not present anymore to detectable analytical levels in the final homeopathic preparation). 

There are some homeopathic preparations that not only work, but work very quickly and effectively, such as Arnica (over the counter and easy to access in any natural/health food stores) used as an anti-inflammatory remedy.

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